Confer, with the city at your feet.


ADO has great venues for all your upcoming events! Our top floor Conference Spaces ensure that a lively Addis hurries and scurries at a quiet distance, making sure a meeting never goes dull at MADO.

Events shine even brighter at MADO, because the ambiance is transformed by the city lights that celebrate right along with you. Is our xxxx seating too much for you, or have you planned different activities that require different setups?

Everything Counts.

When it comes to venue setups, Flexibility is our middle name. Our arrangements are adaptable and room sizes flexible. Host anywhere from 20 to 400 guests at a time.
Our largest Venue Space, can host a large number of guests at the same time; or can also be subdivided into smaller areas if your schedule calls for discussion in smaller
caucuses. Make use of MADO’s adaptable, yet sound insulated partitions that can accommodate your needs, or whims.